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Jost WebWerks — 530 S. Lake Ave #274, Pasadena, CA 91101 US

I've been building and maintaining complex web applications for over a decade.


Custom Web Development

Everything from simple blogs to a large multilingual social networking site.

Linux System Administration

I've been running and administering various flavors of Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat) for the last decade, and I've also done some work with FreeBSD.

Web Site Setup

For smaller and simpler projects, I can set up and customize open-source web applications like Drupal or WordPress.

Web Design

I'm not a designer myself but I'm pretty handy with graphic design tools. If you have an idea I may be able to execute it. If not I can work with designers who can. If you're a print designer I can help you turn your visual designs into working web sites.


I believe that using free and open-source software and standard data formats is in the best interest of my clients.

Current Work

Densho Digital Repository screenshot

Densho Digital Repository

  • Densho collects and preserves historical materials in digital form for itself and a number of smaller organizations.
  • Partner organizations are geographically distributed, often with poor connectivity. The materials collected are archival-quality and voluminous (e.g. uncompressed digital video), making a traditional centralized CMS impractical.
  • Metadata is stored in text files in the filesystem with the binaries. Git and git-annex are used to manage, track, and transport collections via a combination of Internet and sneakernet.
  • Metadata is uploaded to Elasticsearch and served to the public via a Django app.
Densho Encyclopedia screenshot

Densho Encyclopedia

  • Back end is a MediaWiki instance, access to which is restricted to staff.
  • Front end Django app gets articles via the MediaWiki API, treating it like a document store or a strange NoSQL database.

Past Work screenshot

Japanese American National Museum

  • Implementing customized mini-sites for major exhibitions.
  • Providing tools that enable non-technical staff and users to manage web site content.
  • Administering a cluster of Linux database and web servers, including development and staging servers.
  • Wielding Python and any other useful tools to process data as needed.
  • Developed JANM online collections, a Django front end to the Museum's back-end Argus collections database. screenshot

  • Community site with interface and content in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Site includes the Nikkei Album, a multimedia storytelling application.
  • awarded Best of the Web at Museums and the Web 2007. screenshot

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Agency

  • Did back-end Django programming for numerous site properties, including Service Advisories, customer feedback processing (now offline), the "Where Does Metro Take You?" itineraries contest, and for the promotional banner graphics used throughout the site.
  • Architected dev/stage/production server environment with version control using git.
  • Led transition from Apache2/mod_python to Nginx / Gunicorn with Memcached.
  • Prototyped REST back-end for a new Trip Planner interface using
  • Assisted with Red Hat Enterprise Linux server administration.

Vivendi Universal

  • Designed and developed custom Java/JSP infrastructure, including user administration and content management and workflow tools.
  • Implemented XML-RPC back-end for an early American Idol tie-in game.
  • Assisted implementation of payment processing system using CyberSource.
  • Trained colleagues in HTML, web graphics production, and usability issues.
  • Administered the site's Apache2 and Tomcat setup.
  • Managed project source code with CVS and (later) Subversion.

Knowledge Adventure

  • Development support for various products, including JumpStart, Math Blaster, and ClassWorks (when the latter was at KA).


My current tools of choice are Python and Django but in the past I've used PHP, Ruby, and (a long time ago) Java and Perl. I've worked with many of the standard web-development tools: Nginx, Apache2, Memcached, Redis, MariaDB (MySQL), and the venerable PostgreSQL. For quick and portable database fun it's hard to beat SQLite! More recently I've used Elasticsearch as a document store and search engine. I like to use automation tools like Puppet and Fabric to keep things solid, and of course I manage my source code with Git.

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